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About Us

The RFCS Network is the consortium of Rural Financial Counselling Service providers across Australia employing 100+ Rural Financial Counsellors to assist farmers, fishing enterprises, forestry growers, and small rural-related businesses.

The Network was formed to provide a central point of contact for clients, stakeholders, referral agencies and community groups to connect with RFCS providers across Australia.

Objectives of the RFCS Network:

Raise awareness of the benefits and value of the Rural Financial Counselling (RFCS) program to key stakeholders and influencers.

Improve engagement with stakeholders and influencers across Australia to better facilitate earlier access to eligible clients.

Provide a single introductory point to communicate with the network as a whole.

The RFCS Program:

The RFCS Program is free to eligible clients via Federal, State and Northern Territory Government funding to deliver intensive, individualised, confidential and independent support by identifying opportunities for improvement, adjustment or change through the provision of financial counselling, planning and support services.

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