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RFCS Programs

Providing free, confidential planning support to farming as well as rural and regional small businesses to build financial capacity and resilience.          

RFCS provide current and long term financial planning, assistance with government and industry programs and grants, emergency relief funding, disaster recovery, creditor negotiation, debt mediation, family and business planning, and referrals to other professional services.

Program providers throughout Australia offer a range of wrap-around services to compliment financial wellbeing and security.  Rural Financial Counselling Services can also include:

Wellness Support Services
Rural Skills Connect program

RFCS program objectives are to:

  • Improve financial situation of clients;
  • Increase profitability of agricultural industry and small rural businesses;
  • Assist with restructure and adjustments;
  • Assist clients with managing financial challenges; and
  • Work with clients to identify options for their future.

RFCS providers can assist clients with:

  • Helping to identify your financial position
  • Cash flow budgeting and forecasting
  • Developing goals, actions and plans for improving financial position
  • Help with refinancing your debt
  • Debt mediation and creditor negotiations, including negotiating payment plans
  • Family and farm decision making
  • Access to other professional services
  • Accessing industry and government assistance and grants

RFCS Program Services and Support

RFCS has 30+ years of experience in helping rural businesses plan for their future.

Supporting small rural businesses, farming families and agricultural communities with disaster recovery, building financial capacity and resilience, and can assist with business development; succession planning and transition.

A ‘go-to’ service for farmers needing support for how to apply for concessional loans, drought management and farm improvement incentives, as well as any other government assistance for rural businesses. 

Rural Financial Counsellors have no vested interest, other than to help clients make considered financial decisions and to support them in challenging circumstances. 

RFCS have a wide client base and network, delivering support programs directly to farmers and rural communities across Australia.

RFCS Program Funding

Rural Financial Counselling Services (RFCS) is funded by, and report to, both the Commonwealth Government as well as State Agricultural Departments. 

This funding acknowledges the vital importance of primary producers and small business communities to Australia’s economy, security and livelihoods.

Rural specific Financial Counselling Services provide owner/operators with access to professional skills in financial management and planning for ongoing resilience, as well as successful exit planning and transitioning support. 

Funding deeds ensure these services are provided by qualified Rural Financial Counsellors, with significant experience in agribusiness.   

During times of crisis, RFCS help communities connect, navigate and access financial or other available assistance.

Providing personal, on the ground support allows RFCS to understand rural needs and advocate directly to financial lenders; stakeholders as well as Governments, to address immediate and future support for individuals and industries. 

Commonwealth funding for Rural Financial Counselling Services is delivered and monitored within the detailed framework:  RFCS Program Logic

For more information regarding the Federal governing body of the RFCS program, visit website: National Recovery & Resilience Agency

"If regional businesses don’t survive, the economic impact throughout these communities is incomprehensible. Regional small businesses must be given every chance to rebound and thrive.”